Nr. 2017-1-LV01-KA202-035483

The project “Improving the professional skills in green constructions through online training”   is an Erasmus+ project, Action Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training.

The project aims to improve the professional skills in green construction through online training and to support the EU Agenda from 10.06.2016  for new skills (A NEW SKILLS AGENDA FOR EUROPE, 10.06.2016) and in particular the program for SKILLS FOR A GREENER ECONOMY.

Given to the European scope of the project activities, the project team is transnational and includes partners from Latvia, Bulgaria, Germany and Hungary, who will develop, test and certificate the training modules in accordance with the needs of the European construction sector. The coordinating institution is RTA, Latvia

The project planned training product consists of 4 interactive, multimedia modules that will be built on:

  • Analysis of existing programs in the VET field and continuing training in the construction sector in the partner countries;
  • Identification of needs of the construction sector from workers with professional skills in the field of green construction in the countries of the partner institutions.

By using the appropriate environment the training modules will be web-based and accessible to students, construction workers and all interested stakeholders.

The project will reflect the latest trends in the fast-growing construction sector and its needs of contractors with appropriate skills in the green sector. So it will help to develop training modules for a green construction as support to workers with green skills, whose number in 2020 is expected to reach 700 000.

So far, two workshops have been held under the project:

From October 12 to October 14, 2017 in the RTA Latvia, from 22.03. to 24.03.2018 in Bulgaria.

The third meeting will be in December 2018 in Germany where the host is a company Schnellkraft Personalmanagement GmbH.